Bruce Strickland is a self-taught oil painter but inspired by a handful of influencers. Most notably world renowned artist Donny Finley. Bruce grew up in the small town of Talladega, Alabama, at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. He was able to enjoy the beauty of small town America and the simplicity of simple living. Although all of his original childhood and early adulthood work was given away or sold, the one thing he did hold onto was the love of painting. Fascinated and inspired by light, he has once again sought to show his inspiration though oil painting after a long career in internet development and digital art.  

​Bruce and his wife, Maria, have rescued dozens of cats over the years and are avid supporters of spay/neuter programs as well as shelter adoptions. Most of Bruce's artwork star rescued cats or dogs, either from their home or others. Bruce includes the animal's story in each description of his paintings.  

How it all started
As an 11 year old child, Bruce, by chance wound up at the home of Donny Finley, a then young and aspiring artist himself.  Although Bruce had never been introduced to painting, he had been drawing most of his young life and at the time aspired to be an architect. As chance would have it, Donny was working on one of his paintings that would eventually become famous in the art world. When Bruce laid eyes on that unfinished painting, he knew in his heart what he wanted to do.  He went home and immediately, that night, began to paint pictures with a makeshift model car paint kit from a dollar store with no idea of what he was doing. He quickly gained knowledge about what he needed to properly paint pictures. Throughout the rest of his child and teen years he checked out Norman Rockwell books out of the local library over and over again and studied other artists work as well. Eventually he was thrust into the work force and was separated from his first love of painting. Although he would eventually endeavor into digital art and software programming, he never lost the love of painting. Once again he has returned to that first love and seeks to inspire as he once was inspired many years ago by Donny Finley, a simple chance rendezvous that changed his life. 

Memberships and Recognition:

Oil Painters of America Associate member
National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS)

Gateway International Painting Competition January 2020 Finalist for "The Chair"

BOLDBRUSH Competition February 2022 - Honorable Mention - Enthusiast Class "The Chair"